Training Ship Mercury

(1885 - 1968)

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Last Update: 17 July 2016

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Mercury Old Boys’ Contributions


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Richard Briggs, 4920

The Summer of ‘68 - The Final Term

TS Mercury - Summer 1968, The Final Term.

Albert Gee, 1537

Memories of TS Mercury

Memories of TS Mercury, 1916.

“Snowy” White, 4151

A Personal Recollection

Memories of TS Mercury, 1952 - 1955















































The Mercury Old Boys’ Association publishes an annual high-quality magazine. Apart from the editorial effort, it relies on contributions from members. Deadlines for any input is usually in the December for publication the following March. If you would like to contribute an article or simply provide other members an update on your situation please contact the Magazine Editor.


This website facility is primarily for the type of content that goes beyond what the magazine can support. For example, sets of photographs, lengthy text, sound or even video clips.


You are invited to submit either links to existing web sites or content for display as part of this website. Please note that content may be edited and will be subject to approval by the Mercury Old Boys’ Association. If you wish to contribute to this facility please contact the Membership Secretary.