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Last Update: 30 October 2018

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The Mercury Old Boys’ Association



When TS Mercury closed in July 1968 a group of former Mercury boys decided to continue the existing, rather loose, association of Old Boys. The chairman was former old boy and instructor Eric McGavin, assisted by retired Chief Officer 'Dick' Fraser. Unfortunately, within a few years Eric McGavin died and the Association also faded away. This sorry state was rectified in 1979 when a group of active old boys and former staff living in the Portsmouth area decided to re-form the Association under the Chairmanship of the late Captain Ronald Webb OBE.


The first annual reunion was held at the Queen's Hotel in Southsea in September 1979 and an annual get-together has been held ever since. In addition to holding social events the Association produces an annual magazine and it looks after the Mercury archives and memorabilia. In 1985, to mark the centenary of the founding of Mercury, the Association erected memorials on the school site and at Hamble Church and it maintains the World War I and World War II Mercury War Memorials in Hamble Churchyard. Membership is also open to families of former Mercury boys and staff and to others who have an interest in the Association.


Please note that the association formally closed in September 2018 but will continue in an informal manner for the foreseeable future.


For information about the Mercury Old Boys’ Association and/or TS Mercury please contact the Membership Secretary.

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