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There is a Facebook Group called ‘Training Ship Mercury’ which is primarily designed for members to ask questions, discuss topics, etc. It is not a replacement for either this website, use of email or use of post.


Because it is a Facebook Group it is a private community and requires an administrator (currently the Membership Secretary, Richard Briggs) to allow access. Please contact him on Facebook (via the Training Ship Mercury Group) or via email on




Training Ship Mercury on Facebook

Hamble Talk - TS Mercury

Our Magazine Editor and historian, 'Snowy' White (4151), gave a talk to the Hamble Local History Society about the history of T S Mercury on the 7th September 2017. This was very well received and the society has asked for a follow on in a year’s time. Several members also attended.







Some years ago John Dawkins, an artist, painted a picture of HMS Gannet in RN service. To see a thumbnail please click here. Several members of the association have already purchased prints. Although various sizes are available, for an A3 print the price is £55-00 plus P&P. If you are interested please contact John direct on or at ‘Greenways’, Chediston Green, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 0BB. He also has a website,, where you can see other examples of his work (the Gannet picture does not feature).






HMS Gannet Painting

Calling all ex RN Artificers

John North ( is writing a history of Artificers in the Royal Navy as 2018 is the 150th anniversary of their introduction. John was an Artificer for 33 years although he was not fortunate enough to have attended TS Mercury. If you would like to contribute to this project please contact John directly on the above email address.








Bill Donaldson, a resident of St Agatha’s Road (where the school stood) has produced a blank greeting card featuring a pencil drawing of what remains of the school pier. You can see a thumbnail image of the card here. If you are interested in obtaining copies (£2-50 each) please contact Bill directly at 11 St Agatha’s Road, Hamble, Hants SO31 4PB or call him on 02380453912.





TS Mercury Pier Today

TS Mercury and Sea Breezes

The December edition of the maritime journal 'Sea Breezes' will include an illustrated article about the history of Mercury's ships written by our historian 'Snowy' White (4151).