Training Ship Mercury Today

TS Mercury, 2008 Onwards

By 2008 the future of both the land where TS Mercury stood and also HMS President (or HMS Gannet) was secure. HMS Gannet opened to the general public in 2004 and, although, restoration work continues (mainly on the interior), she is secure now as an historic ship. TS Mercury is well represented via the various memorials, dedications and displays in both Hamble and on board HMS Gannet.

The newly built housing estate in 1981 as viewed from across the creek.

The housing estate in 2008 with the Mercury Memorial Plinth, the seat and the tree in the foregournd.

The creek as it is today. Little changed from 1968.

The remnants of the pier in 2008.

The old entrance to the school now named ‘Mercury Gardens’.

The path to the pier. Still well trodden in spite of the fact that there is no pier or ship.

Looking back to the school grounds from the pier in 2008.

HMS President now restored as HMS Gannet in the Historic Dockyard, Chatham.