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Training Ship Mercury in Pictures

Crucifix and Dedication

On the south wall of the theatre was mounted a large crucifix. Underneath the crucifix was a dedication written by Beatrice Fry in 1897. These were saved when the school closed and they are now on permanent display at Hamble Parish Church.


Dedicated to minds that can
Soar, that will rise and not
Be discouraged by obstacles or
Difficulties, that will chance
And dare for what they love
And know to be right.

To co-operation, combination,
Dash, perseverance and
Unselfishness. This T. S. 'Mercury'
And its adjuncts are fearlessly dedicated,
For harmony, the
Good of mankind and to hearts
That can beat for others.
Its ideal is Good Friday's Hero.


Beatrice, 1897



The crucifix and the dedication (right) on the theatre wall, 1967.