Training Ship Mercury - Further Reading

The Training Ship "Mercury" - A History

The story of the establishment by former Mercury boy A L "Snowy" White (4151) 1952-55.

Published by the T S Mercury Old Boys' Association in 2003. ISBN 0 9548009 0 7.

Can be obtained from the MOBA.

Life Worth Living

The autobiography of C.B. Fry, first published in 1939.

Reprinted by Pavilion Books Ltd., in 1986. ISBN 1 85145 027 0

C.B. The Life of Charles Burgess Fry

A biography by Clive Ellis

Published by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., in 1984. ISBN 0 460 04654 3.

The Indomitable Beatie

A biography of Beatrice "Ma" Fry by former TS Mercury boy, Ronald Morris (3578) 1945-47.

Published by Sutton Publishing in 2004. ISBN 0 7509 3710 6.

This is a revised version of 'The Captain's Lady' published by Chatto & Windus

in 1985. ISBN 0 7011 2946 8.

Hamble, A Village History

A history of Hamble by Nicolas Robinson. Includes a chapter on TS Mercury.

Published by Kingfisher Railway Publications in 1987. ISBN 0 946184 32 1.

Can be obtained from the following address: 83 Satchell Lane, Hamble, Southampton SO31 4HH.

C.B. Fry: His Golden Years at West End (1898 - 1908)

By Pauline Berry.

Published by the author in 2004. ISBN 0 9540899 1 X.

C.B. Fry, An English Hero

A definitive biography by Iain Wilton.

Published by Richard Cohen Books in 1999. ISBN 1 86066 170 X.

The following books have been written by or about T S Mercury Old Boys. Apart from

‘The Lunatic Spy’ which is now rare and difficult to locate, the others should be

obtainable from the authors, libraries or second-hand book seller.

From Mercury to Mines

Biography of former Mercury boy Lt. Cdr. Roy Berryman Edwards DSO RN (1507) 1916-18,

A mine disposal officer killed in action June 1942..

By his daughter Sylvia Hammond.

Published by Hammond Publishing in 2006. ISBN 0 9552989 0 3.

Available form the author. Telephone +44 (0) 1474 832490.

First Prize for Signals

Autobiography of former Mercury boy Donald Orde (2382) 1929-30.

Published by his daughter Corinne Orde in 2000.

The Crew - A Portrait of Merchant Seamen at the End of the Tramp Steamer Era

By former Mercury boy Tom Peppitt (3620) 1946-48.

Published by Chaffcutter Books in 2000. ISBN 0 9532422 2 6.

The Price of Surrender 1941: The War in Crete

By former Mercury boy Ernest Walker (1777) 1919-20.

Published by Blandford Books in 1992. ISBN 0 7137 22967.

For those wishing to know more about the history of T.S. "Mercury" and its remarkable people here is a list of books which are either in print or which may be available through a lending library or from a book search organisation.

The Last Of The Last

Autobiography of former Mercury boy, Claude Choules (1392) 1915-16.

The last surviving combatant of WWI who died in Australia aged 110 in May 2011.

Published by Hesperian Press, Australia in 2009. ISBN 978 0 85905 480 5.

Published in Britain in 2010 by Mainstream Publishing. ISBN 18459663317.

The Lunatic Spy

Autobiography of former Mercury boy and British spy, Frank Groundsell (0857) 1903-04.

Published by Jarrolds Publishers (London) Ltd., in 1935.


Modern Long Distance Swimming

By former Mercury boy Commander Gerald Forsberg OBE RN Rtd. (2198) 1926-28.

Published by Rutledge & Kegan, London 1963

Salvage from the Sea

By former Mercury boy Commander Gerald Forsberg OBE RN Rtd. (2198) 1926-28.

Published by Published by Rutledge & Kegan, London, 1977. ISBN 978-0710086983.

Pocket Book for Seamen

By former Mercury boy Commander Gerald Forsberg OBE RN Rtd. (2198) 1926-28.

Published by Brown, Son and Ferguson Ltd., Glasgow, 1981. ISBN 978-0851743912.  

Coastwise Cruising

By former Mercury boy Commander Tim Sex RN (3732) 1947-50.

Published by the Nautical Publishing Co., Ltd., London, 1970. ISBN 978-0245596896.

Verdict on a Lost Flyer: The Story of Bill Lancaster

The remarkable biography of former Mercury boy and aviation pioneer William Newton Lancaster (1282) 1918.
By Ralph Barker. Published by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd in 1969. SBN 245 59691 7


Travels in Darkest America
Autobiography of former Mercury boy Maurice Keeler (4264) 1954-57.
Published in the USA in 2014 by M&M Publishing, Palm Desert, California. ISBN 13.978-1499379051.



From the Fo’clse Mess Deck to the Wardroom

Autobiography of former Mercury boy Lt. Commander John Charles Jones MBE (1645) 1918-19.
A memoir of 35 years service in the Royal Navy.
Published by The Book Guild Ltd., Lewis, Sussex in 1987. ISBN 0 86332 205 0


Published by Jarrolds Publishers (London) Ltd., in 1935.