Mercury Old Boys’ Association - Sales and Subscriptions

The Mercury Old Boys’ Association Shop

The following Mercury Old Boys’ Association items are available from the Social Secretary, Mike Ball. Mike’s contact details can be found here.

Cheques should be made payable to the T S Mercury Old Boys’ Association. For other forms of payment please also coordinate with Mike Ball.
Association Wall Plaque
Mounted on light oak and bearing the figure of Mercury with the ship’s motto. The price is £27.00 plus postage.
The Training Ship Mercury - A History
This book is by Mercury Old Boy A L “Snowy” White (4151). Now at a special price of £10.00 plus £3-50 Postage and Packing (UK). For further details of this book see here.


Association Car Sticker
For mounting inside a window. The price is £1.60 plus postage.
Association Tie
This is a silk tie with multiple silver Mercury motifs on a navy blue background. The pattern is almost identical to that used by T S Mercury in its latter years. The price is £17.50 plus postage.

Membership Subscriptions
The annual membership subscription is £10-00 due on the 1st January each year. Payment by Standing Order is preferred and forms are available upon request from the Honorary Treasurer. If paying by cheque please ensure it is sent in good time to the Treasurer and made payable to the ‘TS Mercury Old Boys Association’.  To assist our administration it would be helpful if non standing order payees could indicate which year or years they are paying for.