Seasonal Greetings for 2021 from Old Boys.

December 26, 2020

Richard Briggs – 4920; Kate Dawes – Honorary; Ken Deane – 4334; Trevor Johns – 4165 ; David Parsons – 4709 and Snowy White – 4151 Wishing all of you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Mercury Advisory Group:

Barry Wright – 4068 Happy Christmas to all you fellow Mercury Boys, our time there did I am sure stand us in good stead for our lives. I will be 84 on the 9th of January, still driving in spite of having vein surgery in the latter part of the year, this is still on going  with scans etc. But at least we are in good country (N Z) as things in the world are not  good.

Robin Charman 4246 Thank for your Christmas message, and I wish you the same, and hopefully a much better New Year. Best wishes 

Kenneth Ramsey – 4943 Great update news. Wonderful gesture re the yacht Spirit of Mercury for the Hamble sea scouts. Many thanks  to the advisory group for all you do keeping us up to date! Good health to all  Merry Xmas.

Likewise I’m reminiscing myself Sign of the times . We’re all getting older.This terrible pandemic makes all of us yearn for simpler times. Our generation grew up in what I now consider a golden era – the 60’s & 70’s, great music great job opportunity’s. Nowadays a young adult needs a degree to get a job at McDonald’s . Tough as my time was at Mercury, there’s not a day I regret!  Some great lads there. Stay safe to all. Long life. Live well

Steve Smedley4933 Thank you, David and all of those directly involved, for your continuing work at keeping the spirit of Mercury alive. I’m not sure why but I have lately found myself reminiscing more often and, usually but not always, fondly about my days at the ship and the lads that I spent them with.

Of course one never knows how the future will unfold but, high and dry as I am on the Canadian prairies, it seems increasingly unlikely that I will meet up with any of you again. Rest assured that you are nonetheless in my heart and in my mind. Even you, Rik Cheadle and Rob Toms!

With heartfelt best wishes to you all for a merry and blessed Christmas – and a not at all fond farewell to this wretched 2020! Happy New Year!

Bill Robichez – Honorary Merry Xmas & Happy New Year, colleagues !My neighbour John Breckon3802 is keeping well.

John May – 3938 Seasons Greetings to all and we wish you guys in the UK , and elsewhere – wherever you may be, all the best in the coming year.

David Pockett – 4715 Many thanks for the latest news and Season’s Greetings which are reciprocated. All well in Brazil but keeping a low profile still.  Very best wishes. Stay safe and well.

4246 Robin Charman4246 Thank for your Christmas message, and I wish you the same, and hopefully a much better New Year. 

4345 Mike Bailey Fellow MOB’s I am not quite sure how much Isle of Man news filters through to the UK, or indeed to the rest of the World, but it may be interesting to note, that our Borders have been closed to all visitors since March and had eradicate the virus by May (although it did get into a Care Home causing the death of 20 guest). and since June, we have been able to live a completely normal life,with out the need for masks,social distance,bubbles, or any other restrictions.

We are possible one of the only places in Europe (although not part of the EU) where we can freely go to  work,school,church,theater,cinema, restaurants,pubs and with a mass gathering over 8,000 residents for the recent switching on of Douglas Christmas Lights.

Whilst residents are free to leave the Island, we have to undergo 14 days of very strict self Isolation on our return (I have’t been off the Island since March) failure to comply results in a 4 week prision sentence, an example of which being a lady who recently returned on the early morning ferry (arr 6am) and driving home stopped for petrol,(and maybe some groceries) the next day she was in prision.

You may have actually heard of a love sick young Scottish man, who unable to visit his IOM girl friend,bought himself a jet ski and without any experience crossed the 25 miles of Irish Sea, only to  be arrested on his arrival,followed by 4 weeks in prision and will then be sent back to UK.

It may all seems a bit harsh and draconian, or even againts one’s human rights, but it  has a 100% backing of the 85,000 population and has kept our little Island, in the middle of the Irish Sea, free from Coronavirus.

I wish all of my fellow MOB’s a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope that if we are all free to travel, will meet up with some of you for dinner in Portsmouth next year.