Privacy Policy

TS Mercury Old Boys Data Protection Policy

The TS Mercury Old Boys, as a non-commercial old school organisation, holds information about former Association members to allow it to keep in contact . This Policy explains how we maintain, store and use the personally identifiable information that we hold.

Data collected from former MOBA members:

We hold the following data for every former MOBA member:

  • Name (and Mercury number where appropriate)
  • Home address

When supplied by the member, we also hold:

  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers

If you are content that we retain this information about you, you need take no further action.

How data is collected and stored?   As a member of MOBA we record your name, address and if given, your email address and phone no. These are stored in a secure database maintained the Membership Secretary and shared with the committee. Members should forward details of any changes in their personal data to the Membership Secretary. The Association will continue to function in an informal way until the committee disbands. Until that time all data will be securely held. After that time all individual records of members will be destroyed and members will be advised via the website.

Archived information.  This policy only refers to MOBA records held since it first established in 1978. Archived information, whilst the school was open, forms part of the history of the Mercury and will be retained in the records of the school.  These are being transferred to the Hampshire County Records Office, in Winchester. 

How the data is used?   Data collected by the MOBA is used only to communicate with members for the purposes of providing information, arranging events, or facilitating the effective running of the Association and is not shared with any third party.

Access to data.  Details will only be shared with other persons with the permission of the member.  If requested we will supply members with a list of known members that contains their names and Mercury number only.  Those wishing to make contact with other members, whose details we hold, can ask the Membership Secretary, or another committee member, to forward an email, or a letter (which must have the postage prepaid). 

How will the Association ensure that data is up to date?  Members should advise the Association of any changes in their details.

Data rights and retention. MOBA members may request a copy of the information held about them at any time and will receive a response within one month.  They can also instruct the Association to remove their details.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.   MOBA reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.  If the Association makes material changes to this, it will inform members on its website that it has been updated.

Signed on behalf of the Association

Captain D. A. Parsons, Chairman

24th May 2018