Former MOBA Adminstrators’ Committee

On 31st December 2019 the Mercury Old Boys Association (MOBA) was, with great sadness, formally disbanded reflecting the age and number of members. Former committee members maintain and regularly update this website.   This allows Old Boys to remain in contact, promote social events such as local lunches and be informed of any newsworthy items. Additionally, other readers can learn something of the school’s history.  We will, for as long as possible, continue to try and answer any questions relating the school and its old boys.

The Former MOBA Adminstrators consists:

  • David Parsons – Acting Chairman, Treasurer and Website Administrator – maintenance of remaining accounts and websit
  • Richard Briggs – Contacts Administrator – to maintain the Old Boys and “Friends of Mercury” database and Facebook “master”
  • Kate Dawes – Hamble Contact – to advise on any issue concerning Mercury and its memorials in Hamble.
  • Ken Deane – In support
  • David Sayer  In support

Historian – please note that although no longer a member of this committee “Snowy” White (4151) still acts as our Historian and is happy to answer queries about the history of Mercury. He also administers the WW1 and WW2 Rolls of Honour.’


Captain David Parsons MNM, Former Chairman, Mercury Old Boys Association