David Foster (3335)

March 2, 2020

David joined Mercury in 1943 from Bridgford, Notts. He recalled to his wife Kathleen, the horrific conditions on board – shaved heads, bare feet even in winter (from which he always bore the scars of chilblains), meagre rations, hard (even cruel) regime, etc. He left in April 1945 to join Strick Line as a cadet, and remained in the Merchant Navy until 1955, when he came ashore to join the Manchester Ship Canal Pilots. Hi still kept a fork with “3335” etched into the handle!

Living in the north-west, David never got to attend any of our reunions, but he always looked forward to receiving the annual magazine giving information about Old Boys. A few years back, he and his wife visited Chatham. He was really fascinated to be able to go aboard the old “Mercury” and see the living quarters, etc. as had forgotten how small it was!