Robert ‘Bob’ Mayo (4061) 1951-53

December 7, 2019

‘Bob’ Mayo died at Guildford in August 2019. At Mercury he played in the 1st X1 football team and became a Section Leader in Benbow Division before leaving to join the Merchant Navy as an Apprentice with the Mitchell Cotts Saint Line. He went on to serve as an officer with the United Baltic Corporation and Wim Cory & Son before going ashore to work in industry. By 1971 he was Business Development Manager with a tobacco machinery company when he decided to become a yacht builder (see Mercury Magazine 2018). His company, the Buckler Yacht Co., was reasonably successful but due to financial difficulties he eventually returned to the tobacco machinery industry. In retirement he was involved with vintage cars and fairground rides and attended a number of Mercury reunions with his wife Anne. OMs ‘Snowy’ White and Mike Ball were present at his funeral.